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How To Help Elderly to Escape Loneliness

Today many seniors prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes as long as possible. Still, family and friends often have concerns for their safety and well-being -- especially during the pandemic. One of them is loneliness. Avoiding loneliness will require effort, especially from the caregivers. HHAs and PCAs can do a lot to help their patients. 

1.Enroll in Group Exercise Classes

Group exercises, like yoga or cycling, are fun and social ways to improve flexibility and balance, and it also is fun activities to participate in. Exercising is the key to preventing falls in older adults. Some communities offer chair exercise classes, while others may provide water aerobics programs, appealing to seniors living with arthritis.

2.Walking Clubs

Walking around the community or nearby parks is an easy way for a senior to keep active and can be an excellent avenue to making friends. Some communities even arrange transportation so that club members can walk in a nearby park or on a walking path.

3.Art Classes

For seniors who have worked hard to make a living, retirement can open the door to newfound creativity. Watercolor and acrylic painting and drawing and sketching are all high on the list of avenues for artistic expression, and making art in a group can be an enjoyable way to engage with others.

4.Life Story Exercises

There may be no activity for elders that’s more meaningful than capturing their own unique life story. So help them write their stories, gather their photos, create memoirs. Not only do they preserve a slice of history, but they also get the chance to reflect on their own life experiences.  

5.Book Clubs

If the senior you are taking care of is an avid reader, then chances are they’d love the opportunity to share their opinion about a book with others. So not only do book clubs support seniors’ efforts to stay sharp,  and in touch with the world, but they also have a huge social element.

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