Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between HHA and PCA?
The primary difference between a PCA (Personal Care Aide) and an HHA (Home Health Aide) is the level of training. Both jobs do involve personal care, however, the Home Health Aide receives a more advanced, specialized training, which allows him/her to perform certain duties (handle simple dressing changes, take basic vital signs) that the Personal Care Aide does not.
How long does it take to become a Home Health Aide?
The approved curriculum for an HHA is 83 hours, 75 hours of lecture + 8 hours of internship. With Day & Night classes it takes 15 days of lecture plus one more of internship- 16 days altogether. With weekend classes it takes 5 weekends Sat & Sunday 7.5 hours a day, equaling 15 hours a week. So 5 weekends of lecture plus one more day of internship.
What do I need to become a Home Health Aide?
The requirements for a Home Health Aide are a valid ID(Work Authorization, Green Card, Passport Non Drivers or Drivers License from any of the 50 states), original Social Security Card, High School Diploma or GED (US issued) or entrance test. Plus you must have a physical examination done including TB test (PPD or Quantiferon), Rubella, Rubeola, and drug test. This must be completed before the internship date.
Does HHA certification expire?
Your HHA Certification expires if you do not work using your certificate for 24 months
What is the difference between HHA and CNA?
An HHA is a Home Health Aide, a trained and certified health-care worker who provides assistance to a patient in the home with personal care (as hygiene and exercise) and light household duties (as meal preparation) and who monitors the patient's condition. A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, a person who assists patients with healthcare needs and cares for a patient who is ill or recovering from a surgery or disease. CNA's duties are assigned by a registered professional nurse.
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